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Our Story

Some years ago we passed by a small rural town in the state of Mines Gerais, Brazil, and we immediately fell in love with the creative culture surrounding it.

Traditional handcraft is such a rare thing nowadays - and a whole town living from it - even rarer. 

This particular town is known of few but still famous for its traditional handwoven textiles. The design and techniques behind have been passed down from generation to generation and are unique to the area.

When starting MURUMURU our dream was to sell those beautiful Mineiro textiles, and we started a collaboration with a few local artisans, to whom weaving is a life passion and a proud family tradition. 

One of them is Luciane, who learned to weave in a young age and is passionate about keeping this tradition alive. Luciane and her two partners, Leia and Nego, are the artisans behind our handwoven blankets and pillows. They have made it their mission to continue this unique handcraft.

We are proud to take part in this mission and to share it with you!



Somewhere deep in the Amazon Rainforest grows a palm tree.
It has been known for centuries by the locals due to its extremely rich and edible fruits, which - if harvested in a wise way - can provide a sustainable livelihood and help preserve the rainforest.

- but most people outside of the area have never heard of it.

Its name is MURUMURU.

The name MURUMURU serves as a symbol for our products: known of few, but rich in stories and tradition and with the vision to support a sustainable livelihood to passionate artisans and the preservation of nature

Warm wishes from




The murumuru nut is also what our logo is inspired by.


 Our small Brazilian production.